Along my journey,I am always curious to see which city I will encounter.
Starting from the small city of Zhu Luo (Chiayi), passing through the banks of Tamsui River, the pulsating heart of downtown Taichung, and crossing the mountains through Taroko Gorge to Hualien.
Then we turn a corner and ride the wind from the south of the country to Sun Moon Lake.
The land is a sage, stripping off our proud pretenses and assumptions.
Let us heed to the voice of this island with our purest heart. 

In 2022, in this landscape woven by mountains, sea, rivers and harbors.
I have borrowed a book from this city.
With the most sincere heart, I read aloud our encounter.

Page after page, this city, this landscape.
Sometimes life is as vivacious as the summer’s heat.
At other times, it is full of a thousand flavors and layers.
The scenery of the harbor city of Kaohsiung, the city’s texture slowly soaks into the softest part of my heart.
I am driven to create this cultural salon from the urban jungle.
I hope you can sense the city’s pulse in every corner.,
I hope you will feel the warmth of the city and my heart.Whether reading or on the road, I sincerely hope that something will happen with you from here. 
Something here will happen with you


I would like to dedicate and sincerely thank.
all those who have worked together and to all the travelers who have come before.
Let us embrace this most beautiful landscape together.
A toast to us, as we continue our journey of realizing our dreams.

Founder and Chairman of Chan Yee Group 2022 Autumn Equinox


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