About Chan Yee Group

Every City, Every Journey.
In the meantime, Chan Yee Group has continued to present a variety of exciting and diverse scenarios.

From Hotel Day+ Chiayi, Hotel Day+ Tamsui, Hotel Day+ Taichung, Hotel Day+ Teascape, Hotel Day+ Hualien, Hotel Day+ Kenting, Hotel Day+ Sun Moon Lake, Hotel Day+ Kaohsiung, as well as many more dream projects that will be realized in the future, we accompany dream-makers in their footsteps, one step at a time.



About TAi Urban Resort

The Island Chain Project spearheaded by the Chan Yee Group rests on every splendid scenery spot dotted around the island. Your cross-island journey begins with each footstep – no two trips are the same. With the theme of “travel destinations,” the Group provides distinct accommodations in each city tailored to local themes, allowing travelers from far away to immerse in the urban fabric and cultural pulse of the destination city, and most importantly, to find a home away from home.

In the autumn of 2022, in the Asia New Bay Area where mountains, seas, rivers and harbors converge, we will finally meet in the sunny harbor city of Kaohsiung. Behold TAi Urban Resort, another masterpiece from Chan Yee Group.


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